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Peruvian Waldorf Doll · Gabriel

This doll is a creation of the Q'ewar Project, an initiative in the rural highlands of the Andes. Working with indigenous women in this community, the project is dedicated to fostering a humane work environment that cultivates spiritual, artistic and economic growth. It takes five days to create each Q'ewar doll, from the cutting, sewing and dyeing of its body, limbs and hair to the intricate crafting of the dolls traditional Peruvian attire, made of natural and local materials. This sweet blonde-haired boy is wearing a soft blue hand-knit cardigan, navy trousers, a blue cap and booties.

  • Sheep's wool, alpaca and cotton
  • Dyed with onion skins and earth based pigments
  • Made in Andahuayliilas, Peru
  • 14" tall


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